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  1. Manipulating Locals
    1. Remove duplicates
    2. Add/Remove Elements
    3. Union and intersection
    4. Sorting

Manipulating Locals

Remove duplicates

  1. Use the list uniq macro list functionality

     local vars state county county
     loc nodups : list uniq vars
     display `nodups'
     . state county

Add/Remove Elements

Removing elements of a local is easy.

  1. Create a local (minus) with the elements you want to remove

     local vars a b c
     local minus a
     display `vars'
     . a b c
  2. Use the macro list functionality: list with a minus

     local vars : list vars - minus
     display `vars'
     . b c

Union and intersection

Another useful tool is taking the common and different elements between two locals

local x state county
local y county tract
  1. For unions use | (like in x “or” y)
     local union : list x | y
     display `union'
     .  state county tract
  2. For intersections use & (like in x “and” y)
     local intersection : list x & y
     display `intersection'
     .  county


Sometimes we want to sort elements of a local

  1. Use sort macro list functionality

     local unordered b c a
     local ordered : list sort unordered
     display `ordered'
     . a b c